Residential treatment at Altus is individualized based on your needs and can last up to 30 days. Some clients move into residential treatment after completing detox. Others choose this program for alcohol and drug rehab in Orange County when they’re further along in their recovery process but outpatient treatment methods aren’t providing enough support.

While you’re in residential treatment at Altus, you’ll live in a luxury home setting with a small number of fellow clients. Days are filled with intensive therapies designed to help you learn to cope with stress and flourish without drugs and alcohol. You’ll focus on your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being while your safety and comfort are monitored 24/7.

We structure our programs to balance evidence-based treatments with holistic therapies. Our clinically validated treatment methods address the mind, and our holistic therapies help you heal your body and spirit. We create a unique treatment plan for each client, including group, family and individual therapies, and we’ll help you set realistic goals as you progress through the program.

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