Rehabs come in all different types of shapes and sizes.  While most rehabs strive to provide the best care to all their clients, some offer more and better services.  With so many rehabs out there, it’s important to know what to look for in order to get the best treatment for a young adult that you care about.

Client-centered Treatment

The most important thing to look for when looking at rehabs is to ensure that they provide client-centered treatment.  Client centered treatment not only means that the rehab’s services are focused on the client, but at its best also means that staff and programs are focused on the client, and not the other way around.

Many rehabs have set schedules and requirements that clients must adhere to, especially for young adults.  While these rules create a structured and orderly environment, which is essential for young adults, they also frequently feeling stifling to clients, especially younger ones.  The key is to look for a rehab that offers treatment that is centered around the client.

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