What Happens During Family Therapy Part 1

The concept of family therapy has been in practice since the mid 1950s from therapists who found value in focusing on the external forces affecting the progress of the individual. This shift was drastic because it challenged popular and contemporary beliefs of treatment being rooted solely in the patient-therapist dynamic. However, family systems theorists, such […]

Attachment and Addiction Part I Origins of Attachment

Clinicians rely on a standard set of protocols to define addiction and gain insight into patients’ behavior patterns in order to determine the appropriate course of treatment. Often these include the disease model of addiction, relapse prevention, development of coping skills, therapy sessions and behavioral strategies to assist in developing a successful sobriety. Over the […]

Jenissa Chintella, Psy.D.

Jenissa Chintella, Psy.D., is a clinician at Altus Treatment in Aliso Viejo, California. Dr. Chintella is an important part of the Altus team, combining her extensive clinical background with an authentic passion to help save lives. Dr. Chintella earned her bachelor’s degree from California State University Channel Islands and her master’s and doctorate degrees in […]

Life with a Spouse in Recovery

Life with a spouse in recovery can mean many things. Like all relationships, there are moments that are challenging, moments of uncertainty, rewarding times, exciting times and everything in between. While all relationships are different and unique and there is no “right” way to approach life with a spouse in recovery, there are certain things […]

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